Tourist Attractions at Niagara Falls

Adventures should not be limited to any particular age group and at Niagara there are a bunch of local attractions that would suit everyone and your whole family can enjoy themselves. You can take Niagara Falls bus tours from Toronto and reach your destination smoothly. Here is a list of places you can visit;

Niagara Falls bus tours from Toronto

Mistrider Zipline

This is not for the weak hearted. But it is truly thrilling. You can actually soar up the sky and travel across. There are four ziplines parallel to each other facing the Canadian and American Horseshoe Falls. They are at a height of 220 foot and the riders are carried across at a speed of over 70 kph. You can get there by bus or car and for that purpose you can take Niagara Falls bus tours from Toronto.

Mistrider Zipline at Night

Imagine shooting across the sky as though you were flying; now imagine doing that through the night sky. At Niagara Falls this experience can be one to remember forever. The sky at nightfall is beautiful, filled with a range of colors, and soaring across it can be quite the experience. You will be hanging up above and travelling on parallel ziplines while watching the illuminated Niagara, plus you will also get to see the fireworks. The riders will get a wristband souvenir which light up. So next time you are in Toronto don’t leave before you visit these attractions. Take that Niagara Falls bus tours from Toronto.

Aerial Adventure

This is a thrilling yet nerve-racking experience. The ziplines are placed high above the whirlpool and gorge at Niagara. There are a number of ziplines surrounding the riders, and bridges, suspended ladders, nets and a number of obstacle games. It sounds and looks crazy but it is a lot of fun. However if you think you cannot handle it better avoid it.

niagara falls bus tours

Hornblower Cruiser

This boat tour is famous for one purpose, that it takes its passengers though the mist of the falls of Niagara. It is an amazing experience as you get closer to the roaring mist of the falls you will experience something that you never have before.

Skylon Tower

This is the tallest structure at Niagara. The tower has an observation deck outdoor, with glass elevators. But the main attraction is the revolving restaurant. If not for anything else take that Niagara Falls bus tours from Toronto to be a part of this particular experience. The whole area of the falls can be viewed by spectators this way.

Behind Niagara Falls

In 1889 a tunnel was built cutting through the rocks to create an exit behind Niagara Falls. Now that is quite the attraction for tourists. The tourists are taken down by an elevator for a closer view of the Falls, and this attraction open throughout the year.

Apart from these there are other attractions like Clifton hill, the greenhouse at the Niagara Parks, the whirlpool aero car and the Floral Clock. To experience all this and more take the Niagara Falls bus tours from Toronto and visit the magnificent wonder of the world.

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