How are Limos Manufactured?

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A limousine, most often known as the limo is a luxuriously extended sedan commonly driven by proficient chauffeurs. There are a number of people sitting inside the limo. Usually, a limo is used to drive teenagers to their proms or by people during their weddings. It provides passengers with premium comfort and relaxation during their journey. Custom Limo Manufacturers ensure that the Limo is well-equipped with a variety of facilities such as ample space, cabinets for storing drinks, polished counters, etc. Some limos even have fancy interiors to offer a luxurious experience. Everything from the exteriors to the interiors screams luxury. The seats are made up of high-quality leather and it is ensured that there is enough seating space as well.
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A lot of people don’t know this, but Limos are actually made by cutting ordinary-sized vehicles in half. As outrageous as that sounds, It’s true. Custom Limo Manufacturers remove the interiors and trained experts use a reciprocating saw to cut from one side to the other of the car. After being cut in half, the two parts are kept several feet away from each other and steel rails are welded onto the frames. This creates a basic structure for the limo. Next, a Driveshaft tunnel is positioned and then welded in the tunnel of the original vehicle. They position the galvanized steel flooring, before welding it in the frame rails which are then connected to the roof rails of the original vehicle.

Once the parts are in place, the vertical side post is welded on, after which the base of the post is welded to the frame of the floor. The frames of the seats are installed. The roof is made up of galvanized steel, and then, all the luxurious amenities are added such as the limo’s bar. To complete the vehicle, the outer body panel is attached. The exteriors are painted with several coats of paint to ensure a chic finish. The interiors remain bare until the original seats are upholstered to match the new ones, brand new floor mats are rolled out on the flooring and Fancy disco lightings are added for a luxurious experience. Custom Limo Manufacturers assure you that you have the most self-indulging experience possible. The seats are designed to offer premium comfort and seating arrangements where more than ten people can be accommodated comfortably.  Limos are actually representations of the original cars they’re made from. Everything from the interiors to the exteriors showcases class and solace.

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Later, the electrical functioning of the car is taken care of. Several other high-end features such as consoles, video monitors and such are reinstalled. They also receive further enhancements after which they are tested by Custom Limo Manufacturers for glitches and they are, then, brought into the markets. When it comes to vehicles, Limos are definitely the perfect examples of luxurious, rich vehicles which offer an extravagant experience, reaching beyond the levels of comfort and safety.  You can enjoy the premium flashy and fuss-free drive.

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